Marion Gerets was born in Heerlen (The Netherlands) and still resides there. Painting has been a fundamental aspect of her life since her childhood. By means of intensive material studies she has acquired various techniques. Her autodidactive approach guarantees the unique identity of her work. Painting is an essential part of Marion’s life. Her work is characterized by intense colors and depth. Marion also gave teaching lessons to children and adults in the past. Nowadays, she is hired to make custom paintings as well, based on size and color scheme requests. She is also specialized in two-piece and three-piece paintings. For the past thirty years, Marion has painted with great devotion and continues to do so on a daily basis.

Selected list of past exhibitions:

  • Het Stadslab, Sittard
  • Art Trade, Heerlen
  • Thuis & Partners Lawyers, Heerlen
  • Minke Lipsch Gallery, Arensgenhout
  • Huyse Molensloot Gallery, Antwerp
  • Auw Sjoekelaatfabriek, Gulpen
  • Chair painting project Ciudad de los Niños, Peru
  • Amrâth Max Hotel, Heerlen
  • Amrâth Hotel, Born-Sittard
  • Molenhof Gallery, Weert
  • De Sigarenfabriek Gallery, Delft
  • Artium Arcana Gallery, Bladel
  • Hoeve de Everer, Beek
  • Ambiorix Foundation, Voerendaal
  • Dreams Gallery, Perth (Scotland)
  • Tulip Inn Hotel, Heerlen
  • Schinvelderhoeve, Schinveld
  • Luca Gallery, Maastricht